More recently we have seen the shift of SUP to foiling & all the different types of foiling that come with this new global phenomena. We dabbled in making & designing a few foil boards which went well, however we weren’t completely satisfied.

We then took a breath & tried some others brands out & jumped on a bunch of boards. Not completely satisfied with any set up (foil board & foil combo) we started to re-think what we were doing as a company & why we were doing what we did. We loved foiling so much we had to be true to ourselves. For us it’s not about selling price point foiling set ups, it’s about educating our customers with our knowledge & pairing their foiling needs with our over-engineered set ups.

PPC boards are plug-moulded.  This manufacturing process allows bullet-proof strength whilst being light weight.

Its all started to make sense. We got to work on our new foil specific boards. We found a new factory & now we have a product we can confidently pair with the worlds leading foils & wind wings. What’s the point of selling half adequate gear that doesn’t perform how it really should? Simply, there isn’t. By offering a top end, complete foil set up, we are ensuring our customers have a 100% pure foiling experience.  “We optimise your foiling experience” This is our saying at NZ Foil Centre. This isn’t just some made up term. NZ Foil Centre & PPC boards really do optimise your entire foiling experience so you can perform, progress & rip to your full potential.





PPC the brand 


PPC is a New Zealand owned & operated watersports company founded in 2013 by owner Sam Loader.


It was a small day for waves in Laguna Beach, California, not really surf-able on a shortboard so Sam jumped on a big old foam SUP & had a blast. He caught so many more waves & had so much fun trying this new sport out! It opened his eyes up to the S.U.P, having always looked at surf from a shortboard perspective.


This then lead Sam to working for a SUP company in California. Here he learned about the craft of shaping & design as well as which materials performed well for each model designed.


Upon moving back to New Zealand a few years later, Sam carefully designed the full product range. From fibre-glass recreational boards, various light weight woods & carbon boards there is a SUP for everyone at PPC.

Sam and his team have been working for the last 7 years tweaking & adjusting the designs/materials/construction of their range to a level that they are completely confident to say, whatever kind of rider you are & whatever the conditions you are paddling in, you’ll be in pure comfort. They have a few new exciting products they are currently working on that they will announce very soon.


We are proud to be a New Zealand company & having all our products tested & designed right here in our waters. Our product range will continue to expand as we listen to our customers needs.


SUP to us is about exploring new realms, after all its how it all began.