NZ Foil Centre specialize in restoring your Stand Up Paddle Board, or surfboards to new condition.

We use special aircraft/marine methods & repair/restore any form of damage, no matter how small or large the repair we can handle it.

We are not the cheapest in town, however we are the best. In fact our exact paint match & our carbon/glass techniques are so good you wont be able to see where the damage was after we have finished with your board!

Reach out to us at – 09 486 0699 & we can get the ball rolling.

Delivery of Purchase Policy (shipping & handling)

Receiver has to thoroughly check goods before signing on arriving from transport company.

We aim to deliver orders nationwide in 2-4 working days. Delivery to remote areas may take longer.

This is subject to the delivery company.

For Proper Maintenance & Care – Keep Boards out of Direct Sunlight & heat!

Products WILL NOT be covered by warranty if they have been left in or have been around direct sun or heat for long periods of time.


NZ Foil Centre makes every effort to produce boards to the highest quality and standards in the industry. We offer a 30 day manufacturing warranty and a 90 day limited warranty (as defined within) on our epoxy boards. We do quality checks in our factories and in our warehouses in an effort to guarantee each board’s quality before shipping to retail or the final customer. Due to the nature of paddle boarding we cannot warranty the performance of any board or shape for individual riders and varying levels of skills and abilities. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee against damage or breakage and cannot protect or warranty against circumstances outside of our control.

30 Day Limited Warranty

The 30 Day Warranty begins effective the day the retail customer purchases the product as identified on transaction receipt and is non-transferable. If within the 30 Day period the product becomes defective, you will need to contact NZ Foil Centre. NZ Foil Centre will be ask you for a copy of a sales receipt and photos of the damage in question, as well as original packaging material to verify if damage was due to shipping. NZ Foil Centre will thoroughly review the data on the defective product form to determine if product is defective. Upon physical review, NZ Foil Centre will make the final determination as to the nature of the damage or flaw and issue a replacement product (model depends on availability), or store credit. The 30 Day Warranty does not include products that have incurred damage or breakage from use of product.

90 Day Limited Warranty

After the initial 30 Day Warranty has expired, NZ Foil Centre offers an additional limited 90 Day (after time of purchase) Warranty that covers only total delamination of the skin from the EPS core. The warranty does not apply to boards that have been exposed to prolonged sunlight or intense heat or boards that have incurred damage or breakage.
Warranty will not apply for incorrect setup or if used in commercial, rental or teaching environments. Cosmetic flaws that do not affect the functionality or performance of the boards are not applicable and not covered under the policy.

Inflatable Boards

PPC Inflatable SUPs are rated to go right up to 30psi due to the military grade PVC that we use. We do however recommend that our inflatables are inflated to 20psi as the sun will heat the boards and increase the pressure. 20psi is a sufficient amount of pressure to give you the rigidity you will need. When you store your inflatable boards make sure you take the pressure out & if for a long period of time store unrolled to prolong the life of the PVC. Keep out of the sun when in storage. Avoid sand & grit getting into the valves as this could cause air leakage.

Product Replacement

NZ Foil Centre will provide repair or replacement board for any board deemed to be defective or having defect materials. All boards should be returned to NZ Foil Centre.

Danger Warning

NZ Foil Centre is not liable for injury/death resulting in the use of their boards. Stand Up Paddle Boarding can be a dangerous sport with serious consequences. Please use your common sense when paddling on open sea waters, tidal flows, rivers etc. Paddle with other people. Always talk to local people who know the area before paddling somewhere unknown.

Self Rescue

Self-rescue techniques taught/learnt as an initiation to SUP`ing; paddling assuming a kneeling or sitting position, paddling prone using the hands and advice as to when to use such techniques (strong off-shore winds, broken paddle, strong currents etc) A distress signal can include waving the paddle side to side above the head whilst straddling board or waving arms above head, side to side to attract attention.